Introducing BloomONE Phase 1 - Learn, Play, Earn.

Feb 02, 2022 5642 Views
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Introducing BloomONE Phase 1 - Learn, Play, Earn.

Web3 Educational platform. 

For months, we have nursed the idea of a resource hub for those willing to jump on the web3 train. Cryptocurrency and web3 is expanding and Africa is warming up to it. Statistics show that in Africa, especially West Africa, the crypto adoption rate is considerably ahead of a lot of continents. 

To ensure that Africa and Africans are not left behind, there is a need to bridge the knowledge gap and onboard future web3 experts. This is exactly what we intend to achieve; building capacity for the next generation of web3 enthusiasts. 

Through Bloomone, we intend to develop solidity engineers, CEOs, CTOs, project managers, thought leaders, and profitable DEFI degens. What’s incredible is that we are doing this with a novel structure peculiar to our brand. We are introducing in phase 2, a learning management system whereby access to crypto contents is decentralized, verifiable, and in the long-run beneficial. As a matter of fact, we are building Africa’s blockchain-educational infrastructure to empower the next generation of crypto enthusiasts and web3 experts in Africa. 

Bloomone Phase 1: 

This is the first phase of our development of this initiative. In this phase, we intend to build an audience and community of people enthusiastic about web3 and cryptocurrency. As a part of this phase, we will curate and make available beginner to intermediate courses and video contents aimed at educating those that might be clueless about cryptocurrency and the web3 space. Our model is a highly interactive social media presence such that we will be totally accessible; creating an atmosphere for conducive learning. 

Those interested in learning will be able to access Bloomone content here. In addition, we will accept well curated content from public contributors. 

Bloomone Phase 2: 

The second phase of the Bloomone project will witness the development of a learning management system, access to internship opportunities, NFT certifications, and a play to learn “gaming” incentive. There’s a lot packed in phase 2 but we promise that phase 1 is equally as exciting as what’s coming in phase 2. 

Our love for the disruptive technology that blockchain is has led us to this point, where we seek to drive adoption through education. We hope that as we embark on this journey we can serve you to the best of our abilities with the most exciting crypto contents you can find in the industry.

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