Revolutionizing Opportunities Through Blockchain

Our goal is to use blockchain technology to open up aspects of the African economy, create opportunities, and drive crypto adoption.


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One Ecosystem, Multiple products

Mint,buy, and sell NFTs on our native marketplace , get access to multiple blockchain courses and resources on Bloomone, get ready to trade real estate as NFTs on Metacitti.

Can't wait to start collecting great African #NFTs from the $AFEN market place Judith Kyler
Proud of $Afen and @deborahofafen This is something unique and way different than all games etc Elja𝕭oom
AFEN is a great one 🤝 Tytan Inc.

Powering the $Afen Token

The $Afen token serves three distinct purposes: NFT marketplace,
staking, educational and cashback.

NFT Marketplace

You can now make transactions with the AFEN native token on our NFT marketplace and even get juicy discounts on items. Mint, Buy and sell digital items (NFTs) using the $AFEN token.


Learn and Earn in our native token through our unique Educational initiative.Complete courses and get unlimited access to opportunities through NFT certificates minted using the AFEN token

Cashback on

Get rewarded for being a loyal user of AFEN products. We offer cashback on transactions made using the AFEN native tokens.

& Earn

Lots of rewards to be earned staking $AFEN token. Head to our staking pool and start earning!

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AFEN Blockchain Group
Building Africa’s Web3 Network…

Road to Africa

Q1 2022
  • H1 Opening: Community AMA session
  • Special NFT Collections Release
  • Official website update
  • BloomOne platform launch: Free courses & tutorials
  • AFEN at Africa Tech Summit, Nairobi
Q2 2022
  • Major token buyback / burn event
  • NFT Marketplace Revamp (powered by $afen)
  • Introducing METACITTI: A decentralized Real Estate NFT Metaverse. Powered by $afen
  • $AFEN Token Listings
Q3 2022
  • H2 Opening: Community AMA session(Development)
  • METACITTI Development: Floor plan unveiling
  • BloomOne Development: Play-to-Learn
  • Introducing Certificate ‘Utility’ NFTs powered by $afen
  • NFT Marketplace Launch
Q4 2022
  • BloomOne Internship Cohort: Batch 1
  • METACITTI development: Introducing Real Estate NFT
  • AFEN NFT Conference

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