About Afen

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AFEN is a Web3 infrastructure company dedicated to empowering Africas, with financial inclusion as the main driver.

We are on a journey to spread the value of Web3 and Decentralized Finance across Africa, and beyond. The AFEN ecosystem is multi-chain, powered by the $AFEN token, and community driven.

Our Values

Blockchain has the potential to adequately transform African society. Offering insurmountable opportunities to those leveraging it to build a new structure in diverse sectors.


We are driven by the passion to reconstruct a new Africa offering insurmountable value to the world.


AFEN is focused on innovating for longevity, use, and impact. The short term isn’t in our plans to drive innovation.


Despite operating within a decentralized industry, we are committed to transparency as well as committed to bearing the cost of our decisions.

Word from Leadership

The opportunity to take responsibility for creating a changing experience from a perspective that only a few will grasp is found in foresight - this is what we have at AFEN

- Deborah Ojengdede, CEO