Join us in building AFRICA’s Crypto Infrastructure.

Be part of a growing team of crypto marksmen developing blockchain solutions for Africa.

Join the Afenger Tower

The AFEN team is tasked with managing a growing community of crypto enthusiasts using the blockchain for different purposes. Our job is to provide these users with the facilities and infrastructure to transact, learn, and get access to loads of opportunities made available through decentralization and blockchain technology. Are you looking to make that switch from traditional systems to decentralized internet? Then, there is no better place to be.

Why you should work with us:

It’s always fun working with us! Here are a few reasons why we are right for you 🎁😃

Health Insurance

Our well-tailored health insurance plan covers your health expenses during the course of working with us

Work Equipment

We provide the necessary equipment to accelerate your productivity and increase your output. T&C applies

Paid Annual Leave

Take time off work and still get paid. You deserve to rest and get refreshed every year. It’s a company policy.

Bonuses & Token Rewards

Being part of the team you can be sure to benefit from the collective progress of the AFEN project through Bonuses and token allocation. T&C applies.

Development growth

Our appraisal method takes cognizance of your niche and skills and accelerates your growth by 5x. Become a senior in no time working with us.

Afen Kits

Always wanted to work for a start-up and get some exclusive merch? Well, that’s us! And no other start-up does merch quite well as we do